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saaaaleeees c:

Hey everyone,
It's been a while since I posted my last sales. I re-took pictures and added some stuff + lowered some prices ^-^
Also I'm selling a salamence pokedoll over on my ebay for $350. The reason why it's such a high price is because of ebay fees. So I am willing to sell it here cheaper for $290 free priority shipping (within U.S). Not much lower but i'm really attached to this guy and college fees are ridiculous. :c


  • Sales permission granted on May 6th, 2012 by entirelycliched.

  • My feedback can be found here & here.

  • First person to commit gets the item. Committing to an item and then backing out will result in neutral feedback left for you.

  • I do have cats, so stray hairs may be present but I do my absolute best to check items before I ship.

  • If you have too many negatives I have the right to not sell to you, and especially refuse a trade.

  • Adding to the above statement, I expect all community rules to be followed as well.

  • Please do not delete comments, I see everything because it is sent to my e-mail. (☉‿☉✿)


  • I ship from Florida.

  • I can ship international.

  • If you would like to add tracking/insurance, please let me know. Once items are shipped out, I am NO LONGER responsible. Please take note of that.

  • I will ship every 3-5 days.


  • Paypal only, please.

  • I am not accepting trades at this time.

  • Payment is due within 24 hours of me giving you a quote, unless we've worked something out. I can do holds just please ask first.

  • I accept payment plans.

  • When sending payment, include your username and what you bought in the note.

  • I can accept haggling, but please make it reasonable. Will most likely haggle if you purchase a lot of items!

Items with a pokeball imagesnext to them have detached hang-tags.

Suicune Pokedoll (U.S)  $14 images
Squirtle keychain $3
Bulbasaur Tomy $6
Treecko hasbro plush $4
Bubasaur larger plush $9
Mudkip hasbro plush $4
Blastoise hasbro $4

Reshiram banpresto $18 images
Reshiram Pokemon center $18 images
Dialga $14 (minky, slightly dirty.)
Dialga kid $2 (Free with purchase of dialga pokedoll)
Blitzle $10 images
Small Reshiram plush (Bootleg) $5
Aipom $5
Plusle $4
Minun $3 (Has small stains on face and ears)

Freebies: Shieldon battrio, luxray zukan piece, has wear and missing tail.

Flareon tomy $9 images
Jolteon banpresto $13 images
Pichu electronic $10
Flareon pokedoll keychain $6
Mini flareon puzzle $3
Flareon attack kid $3 (some scuffs)
Flareon PC $10 images
Fennekin 7" $5
Fennekin banpresto $12
Fennekin Pokedoll $13 images
PC Fennekin $9 images
Jolteon friends $12
Mini jolteon puzzle $3
Jolteon Keychain $8 images
Groudon PC plush. $22 (Fabric on claws and spikes are peeling)

Tyrunt tomy $5 images
Eeveelutions blanket $50 (Never used this, was always stored.)

Pencil toppers $2 each.
charizard, blastoise, roselia, plusle, walrein, mudkip, treecko, slowbro, dugtrio, alakazam, torkoal, ho-oh, swellow, minun, medicham, vigoroth,

Thanks for looking!

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Tags: alakazam, blitzle, bulbasaur, charizard, dialga, dugtrio, eevee, eeveelution wanted, eeveelutions, fennekin, flareon, groudon, ho-oh, jolteon, luxray, medicham, minun, mudkip, plusle, reshiram, sales, shieldon, squirtle, swellow, torkoal, treecko, tyrunt, vigoroth, walrein
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