espen (umbreonpng) wrote in pkmncollectors,

what is it, umbreon pokedoll day??

hi guys!! soo i got my dear authentic umbreon just now!!!! hes super round and cuddly!!!! definitely worth 14 dollars! i guess he also counts as an early birthday present from my mom!
andd also my friend showed me pictures of his umbreon pokedoll which is SUPPOSEDLY authentic... he said someone got it for him from the pokemon center (he didnt say if it was the one in the usa or one in japan) and the tags are. really REALLY throwing me off so i thought id ask everyones onion here!!

so to start,heres a pic of the tush tags of my friends umbreon!

now, i have never seen these tags before, and i didnt even know they released an umbreon pokedoll in 2008. (i thought they had one for 2002, 2005, 2007, and 2010. i could of course be wrong though!)
the pokeball is very suspicious to me... it looks more like the pokeball of a bootleg. also, blue??? blue text??? ive never seen that before! (if you have, lemme know to add to my Pokemon Collecting Knowledge!)
the overall shape of his umbreon also seems very off. it looks kinda lumpy, and the head ring looks more like an oval...

the way the ears and tail are facing are also a little weird.... overall its an odd doll and im not convinced its authentic, but id like other people's opinions on it too!!

now for the BIG FINALE
drum roll please!!

look at this CUTENESS!!!!!!! golly you can only imagine how happy i am to have an authentic umbreon pokedoll!!!
ive never seen one for less than 35 dollars, which neither of my parents or even myself would like to pay for a stuffed animal. but i lucked out big time and got this guy for 14$ flat! no shipping or anything! big big thanks to my momma who bought him for me as an early birthday present!!! <3
here he is next to his bootleg brother heheh

i actually, honestly thought a couple months ago that i would never hold an authentic pokedoll. theyre usually SO expensive and i just kept telling myself "theres no way!"
and now, 2 months later, i own 2 authentic pokedolls and i couldnt have done it without you guys here in this com !!! thank you all so much!

anyways, i think this post is long enough now, so i'd be heading out i think!!
OH one last thing!! now that i have both a real and fake umbreon pokedoll, would anyone be interested in a guide on spotting bootlegs? i want to include everything, from where to buy them to checking authenticity!!! i think it would be fun! i dont know if one is needed, but hey! i was pretty clueless 2 months ago!
ok now im REALLY getting off here.
see you all soon!!!! <3
Tags: pokedoll, umbreon
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