espen (umbreonpng) wrote in pkmncollectors,

i want YOUR help! also looking for a hang tag!

hey all! it might be a bit too early for me to post again but! i am working on a big bootleg spotting project! there will be 3 guides! one for plush, one for figures, and one for cards!
for now, i need people who are experienced in plush OTHER than pokemon center! if you know how to spot fake banpresto, tomy, etc plush, hmu! i want this to be BIG and have more than just pokedolls!

i especially need help identifying fake tags for brands like banpresto and tomy.

if you'd like to help out, lemme know! if you arent good with plush, but know about fake figures and/or cards, ill be sure to let you know when i need help!

another thing is i'm wondering if by any chance, someone has a 2007 umbreon pokedoll hang tag theyd be willing to part with? i'm not one to care for hang tags, but it feels weird that my bootleg umbreon pokedoll has a hang tag, and my authentic one doesnt!! this is a little of a strange request, but if you would let yours go, please hmu!

ok, with this i'll be out of everyones hair for a while, until my birthday most likely!! see you all soon! <3

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