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New gets from the last couple weeks!

 Greetings pokefriends! :D

I have been busy with my new job, but I have found the time before work tonight (I'm covering a ghost tour shift!) to share some new lovelies. <3

I got these awesome 7/11 Pikachu charms, Kellogs Sticker, Hoopa Tretta and the GORGEOUS Hoopa Promo card in a nice lot on eBay. I actually have an extra Hoopa Tretta for trade if anyone is seeking one.

I love this card so much. ;o; I have an extra of it too but I think I'm gonna keep it for now. x3

The Dratini and Pikachu stampers were acquired through a GA here and go nicely with the Snorlax I have had for ages.

I took advantage of hantsukihaunter 's recent discount sale to pick up this Munch bottle cap and this SUPER AMAZING Electvire Clipping figure. It's my first clipping figure and it is just gorgeous! <3 It was for a short time my most favorite Electivire figure until the one that SPOILER ALERT arrived today which you can see waaay below. ;3


I finally got a Snorlax Nanoblock model set and I would say that it took me about an hour to build. Those pieces are tiny! Thankfully so are my hands.

Dedenne Pokemon Petit Plushie. <3 She and Snorlax Nanoblock both took about a month to get here because I got them on the super-cheap from Japan, but the wait was worth it.

These little buddies came from splash and their giant sales post of doom! The Munchlax and Darkrai are sukui dolls, which are little toys for children to try and scoop up in paper nets at festivals. They are close to kid figures (as you can see by the comparison with "Spirit Fingers" Electivire) but instead of being finger puppets they have plugged bottoms so they will float. This Darkrai is the GRUMPIEST little thing I have ever seen and I love it. <3 The big Snorlax is a DX Kid Figure and boy was he in rough shape. ;o; But after some TLC with a magic eraser and some white model paint (all the toes, fingers, and teeth were rubbed) he looks brand new! His head and arm both move. The Snorlax TOMY means I finally have a TOMY figure of all the Pokemon I collect. :3 The plush Darkrai below is the My Pokemon Collection version and he is just SUPER cute. <3

This screen cloth was an ORAS preorder bonus from a particular store in Japan. I never thought I would find one but I did randomly in a lot with clearfiles. Yes I did frame it and hang it on my wall! I added some of those to my collection too, but I have this Victini set UFT if anyone is interested. The Pikachu is one I kept. :3

I added a bunch of TCG to my collection. Please feel free to click on any of the photos to embiggen! :3

OMGGGG He is soooo amazing!! And I had a little bit of a bid war for him which suprised me but I won out! Thanks so much to riolu ! He really did not have to travel far, did he? x3
This is my favoriteist and BIGGEST Electivire by far. In fact, the only figure I have that is bigger than this is my big Jakks Darkrai. I'm sooooo glad I went for this dude. <3

Riolu also threw in this cool holo sticker!

And here is my Electivire collection now! To think that before I cam back from my hiatus, all I had was Mr. Kibbles (the plushie). Electivire is by FAR my favorite Pokemon to battle with so I think he has now graduated to full collection status. :D

Thats it from me today! :D Thank you for reading!

As a last bit of business, I believe I have followed all the pkmncollector folks who have instagrams, but if I missed you please let me know! :3
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