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Halloween Snacks! And Close Ups of the Mystery Mansion Bag

For those interested in the snacks, these are available in bulk packs on Japan's Amazon.
Keep in mind you're going to get 6 HUGE bags of these things but it's the only ones I can find.

I finally got the remainder of my HELL-oween stuff (this Halloween really was hell lol) and it came with a pack of Halloween snacks! Some people might have seen these around and they come with Pokemon printed on the snacks. There's apparently 42? different ones. I opened up a few packs and took pictures.
There's close ups of the Mystery Mansion bag mainly so people can see how much you can fit in there and some other spoopy stuff I haven't seen posted yet.

I got this entire bag for a chance at the Mega Gengar wrapper and I didn't get him. But these are delicious so I already ordered two more packs! I hope I get him but I mainly ordered to nom. I was able to pull two of the secret pack which has Pikachu, Purrloin, Banette, Zubat and Woobat.

I don't know what that 42 stands for but Imma guess it's how many different Pokemon you can pull. I am KIND of interested in pulling a Gengar if he is even in these but man, if I start collecting snacks, I feel like I'm going down a slippery slope at that point. Keeping that thing from crumbling would be too much.

I opened THREE packs but I'm dumb and accidentally deleted one of the pictures and I had already eaten the snacks; LUCARIO IS INCLUDED IN THERE IF ANYONE CARED.
That's the only Pokemon I remember included in the third picture that stood out. Sorry! I'll be getting more later this month so I hopefully pull more Pokemon that I didn't get the first time.

I'm giving the Noibat packs to riolu and maybe they can take pictures of the Pokemon they get inside. Sending the other pack to another friend. I plan to sell the remaining wraps later. They can be shipped as flats.

The bane of many collectors this Halloween: This fricken bag. Scalped to oblivion and sold out in minutes. I think they're kinda ok priced on Y!J currently.
I don't care for bags but there's a Gengar on the bottom right so I needed it, hah. Kid for size comparison.

I don't know what a high quality bag feels like? lol Sorry I'm not of much help there. I only have my Jansport backpack that I had since I was in 6th grade and my Gengar backpack from Spencer's to compare. ಠ_ಠ 'Dis fake leather, I think. Feels ok.
I can fit my 3DS and a water bottle. (small Gengar optional) We good to go then. I dunno what other people put in their bags.
Has two main compartments. The main one has a zipper pouch and small areas to put shtuff. So there you go if you decide to splurge for the bag.

These cookies that came with the tin are as dead as my wallet this Halloween. SOOOOOO DELICIOUS. And I'm now gonna fill the tin with Gengar stuff I had laying around. The Gastly wraps were really cool too! I'm keeping one.

These two photos/bromides you can only get at 7Eleven in Japan. I was so hyped to get these. And I got this cool hoodie sold by FOW, a Smash 4 streamer! This guy apparently likes Gengar as much as I do. Is that even possible?! I waited three months for it to go back up on sale! Worth it. I'm gonna wear the crap out of this.
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