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Art Sale- Cleaning Out My Portfolio, and Slots!!!

Hey everybody!

So, I'm getting rather sad looking at all the drawings and things I've done over the past few years sitting in a stack on my desk. I've decided that many would be better off in other homes where they could be displayed and appreciated. So, without further ado, away we go!

Sales Policy:
- Sales Permission granted by SKDarkDragon on July 8th, 2015.
- Feedback link here- http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/eboncharizard/
- All community rules apply.
- I will not sell to banned/non members.
- Prices are in USD
- Prices do not include shipping/ PayPal fees.
- I only accept PayPal at this time.
- Payment is due within 24 hours once we agree on the final product.
- I ship from Michigan.
- I currently do not ship internationally (If you are international, ask for details and I will see if it is an affordable option).
- Shipping is via USPS Priority Mail in an envelope for all artwork. For the envelopes I will be using, the USPS shipping rate is $5.75 per envelope- they arrive within three days and are well protected from bends.
- I do have other shipping options that cost less, such as manila envelopes, but these are far more likely to get damaged, and I cannot be held responsible for replacement if you use this option.
- I will ship your piece as quickly as I can when it is finished.
- I will message you when your piece ships.
- I am NOT responsible for anything once it leaves my Hands
- For custom drawings, price will vary from piece to piece, depending on complexity, time, etc.
- If you are reading my rules, put the word Bodhran in your comment.
- I will send you a picture of a rough sketch before finishing the piece.
- Please allow 2-3 weeks for me to finish your piece. They should be done sooner, but I do get busy (if circumstances don't allow me to get it finished in that time frame, I will let you know first).
- I come from a clean, smoke-free home. I have three dogs (I keep them away from my collection) and two snakes.
- I will accept trades for Items from my wants list here- http://eboncharizard.livejournal.com/1654.html
- Haggling is okay to an extent, just please remember these aren't plushies I put in a box- each one has hours of work behind it.
- For more examples of my work, feel free to visit my DA- kingdragonart.deviantart.com

All are various sizes/scans were cropped- ask about sizes for info! :)

Chansey and Growlithe- $10

Shiny Zapdos Real Life (Based on Kingfishers)- $15

Real Life Chatot- $15

Shiny Mega Gengar (colored pencil)- $20

Breloom- $15

Heliolisk- $15

I also am willing to sell pieces off of my Deviantart that are still in my possession (Other Pokemon, and Monster Hunter stuff ahead!)- www.kingdragonart.deviantart.com

I'm also opening three slots!


Thanks for looking! Stay tuned, I have a big update planned within the next few weeks!!! :D
Good night everyone!

Tags: custom, pokemon, sales
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