Jenny Lynn (elekid) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Jenny Lynn

New Username + Lots of gets!

Hi! As of earlier today my username was Toxicmouth, but I changed my username and it's now Elekid! Over time I have realized not only how much I love Johto pokemon in general, but how much I really love Elekid.

I've gotten lots of cool additions to my collection from trades with people on here, as well as some great ebay snags! Take a look under the cut!

A big Hasbro Feraligatr I got in a trade with pumpkaboo_patch! It arrived a little damaged due to the post office not being careful, but he fixed up good as new :) I love this big guy so much!

A Pokemon pop-tarts box from 1999! This is the backside because it's a lot more striking than the front. I have all the little squishy keychains that were premiums except for Jigglypuff.

Elekid Kuta and Top Insight plush! Top Insight came from eBay for an insanely good price, and Kuta from eBay for a...decent price, I guess. It has the hang tag attached still, but it arrived covered in what looked like jelly stains! Luckily it cleaned up pretty good but the tag has some irreversible jelly damage on the edge.

BIG FUZZY ELEKID HASBRO YAAAAS. Got this in a trade with baconscreation! This has been a grail of mine since I started collecting Elekid, and I could never find any listed online other than on eBay UK. It's currently my favorite of all my Elekid plush.

Old UFO plush!

Here's a little overview of the main chunk of my collection before I go. You can still see better close-up pictures here:

Thanks for looking, everyone!
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