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Much Busy... Such Packing - Month+ of Gets

I'm still alive! I've been meaning to post for a while now, but I've been waiting on that one AWESOME get to post... and it finally arrived!! Well, it arrived several days ago but I've been so busy with internet issues and packing for my move, but who cares about that. What's the awesome get?!


My custom Pokemon Time Suicune plush by the awesome bubble_rhapsody!

He seems lost in thought.. that or UFO Suicune has a bug on his crown.

To keep things short and simple, here's everything else I've gotten in the mean time.

Some Dragonair items! Dragonair needs more love in merchandise. =(

Suicune dog tag and Noivern Retsudan stamp!

Pencils featuring the Legendary Dog Trio, more importantly, Suicune! (Thanks to stalkingsuicune for those!) And a game card from Pokemon Master Trainer game featuring Suicune.
20151013_171718.jpg20151013_171709.jpg Close ups of front and back. It could be better. The lines kind of go through in places, but a pretty obscure piece I think.

While packing I found my missing TCG folders that I knew I had!

I put them aside to be packed with my collection stuff so I don't have to go digging for them again. I also found my Lugia TCG silver coin that I knew I had as well. I probably have more stuff that's been packed for years waiting to be discovered once I move and open them.

With pretty much all the Pokemon stuff I've been waiting on arriving, it's time to pack away my collection for my move.

I've seen pictures of this plush for a while, but I've never seen an official plush of it. Does one exist? Or is this purely a "bootie" plush? I'd like to know because I would like to buy the legit one of it does have one. It doesn't seem to be based off the Pokemon Time Dragonair plush. I hope this doesn't go against the rules as I'm trying to figure out what it is. If so, please let me know.

Lastly, I spruced up my collection page a bit. I hid the pages that weren't finished yet so it's not a huge mess. I worked on making it look a little nicer, and added links to some of the other collection sites I've seen on here. If you'd like to add me back, which by no means do you have to, I finally made a quicky banner. If you're not mentioned on mine and want me to toss you on, you can reply here with your banner or send me a PM! I might not be able to add you right away as I'm busy (moving), but will get to it eventually. =3

And that's it! My next update will most likely be from my new home!!! =3
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