SK (skdarkdragon) wrote in pkmncollectors,

New Year's Items Claims Up - Last Call Kuttari Wave 3 and Christmas Items

New Year's Two.jpg
New Year's One.jpg

I've added the New Year's items to my claims! Feel free to combine, as always. Also, Kuttari Wave 3 and the Christmas promo items come out this weekend! So please get all of your claims in before 10/29 so I can organize everything and be ready when they are released. My slots are full on Sylveons, Glaceons, and Sleepy Mew and Leafeon, but I still have slots for everyone else. If you need a recommendation on where else to buy kuttari for the ones I'm full on, Hoshiiya Shop, Sunyshore, and several other souces are also offering them. :)

Hope everyone is having a great Monday so far~!

Tags: aipom, magikarp, mudkip, panpour, pansage, pansear, pikachu, pokemon center, sales, torchic, treeko
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