erlanai (erlanai) wrote in pkmncollectors,

A few gets !

After weeks of struggling with the French post finally my babies have arrived ! o/

Sorry for the sh*tty quality but hey ! Aren't they cute ?!

I was afraid Santa Chu would never arrive in time for Christmas with aaaaallll the postal problems here I'm so relieved ! (I may also have convinced my boyfriend to get me a Golbatchu for Christmas but that's a secret *giggles*)

HQ Eevee is just.... stunning, he's so soft and fluffy, I can't stop cuddling him *^* (and Pikachu kuttari is so cute and smol !)

I'm quite happy right now, but I still have a missing Pikachu, somewhere in the central post office in Paris, hopefully he'll came soon and reunite with the plushie family ;-;

EDIT : Hey the last one has arrived this morning ! Finally ! :D

Also, any news about these guys ?

I can't seem to find them anywhere .___. Well honestly I don't even know how they're called, does anybody knows where to buy them ?

Guess that's all for now, have a great day folks :3

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