dubslider (dubslider) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Spooky Gets

So, came home expecting nothing but instead finally got the charms package i'd been waiting for from hebilea!

So, some quick webcam photos under the cut

I keep wanting them to be eating pizza but they're cookies. LMFAO

This one is going to a friend for the holidays. Hope he has a good home with them!

Gengar, at least take the wrapper off first.

Really, the photos would be better but because of a very sudden move i've had to start going through I can't do much. Anyway, on that subject I'll probably be re-arranging my collection pretty carefully. My new room will be very small so I'm not sure most of it will even be able to come out of their boxes. I'll post pics when I get the chance, wish me luck!

Tags: banette, gengar, sableye
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