classypersian (classypersian) wrote in pkmncollectors,

I'm Alive!

Hey everyone!! I'm so sorry I disappeared! With the lack of appealing merch/money, I've mostly been active on Twitter. :( I noticed a lot of newbies have joined, welcome~ (*^▽^*) as for a quick life update, recently got a new job as a waitress a few weeks ago, and have been a bit busy XP so I can post a fast wants post: Pokemon socks; idk why but I want them okay? Throw me a good price and I'll likely buy~ my 2 year anniversary is coming up next month holy miltank!! I'm gonna get a Pokemon plush to celebrate and shall post here~ Under the cut is my current collection if anyone wants to see :)

These are my babies and I love them so ^^ I love how they brighten up my room~

Can't forget my lovely custom Persian :3 by pumpkaboo_patch

I have more things of course, but I want to show the rest on my two year mark~ ^_^

I also have some sales of anyone is interested, my shipping days for this week are Wednesday-Friday.
My feedback
I was granted sales permission by allinia 6-11-14

I ship from the U.S. And can ship internationally to most places

I have 3 cats if anyone didn't know this XD

As always my home is smoke free~

meowth pokedoll figure $10 (has slight green marker marks for some reason on the back)
Mewtwo figure $4
Meloetta ex $5
Megaium card $3

Team rocket blocks $6
The 3 muskedeers sticker $3
The goth trio $3
Pokemon gen 4 sticker sheet, $2
Mega lucario seal $3
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