Risha Moon (risha_moon) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Risha Moon

Korean XY8 Cards?

I was wondering if anyone will be buying Korean boxes of XY8 (Red Flash or Blue Impact) booster packs? I bought 3 Red Flash and only pulled one of the four Houndoom cards, so I'm looking for the Mega EX and the two FAs. And, I bought one Blue Impact box and didn't pull a Gengar holo (I think I also need Typholsion). I might also need others, but those are the ones I'm especially looking for.

I didn't do a Livestream for the opening, but here's some pics of my pulls -

If you're interested in anything from the photos or any Japanese XY8 cards from the same two sets, feel free to let me know. ^^ Duplicates and ones of Pokemon I don't collect (*cough Glalie cough*) for for trade/sale.

I'll also be looking for the four Houndoom plus the Houndoom Spirit Link cards in any language BreakThrough is released in. I'm ordering an English booster box. And I think I have French and German covered (I hope), but help with other languages would be awesome. I think the set is also releasing in Spanish and Italian...not sure about other languages.

Also, since I probably won't be posting again before Halloween. Here's my pups from last year when they were Pokemon puppies. They're Justice League characters this year. -

And, I still didn't finish my bulk card buyback so if anyone is looking for particular English cards (especially un/commons) please let me know. Otherwise they're going to a local card store so I don't have so many extra cards.

~ Risha

P.S. The 4 packages I have to send should be sent later this week. Sorry for the delay. October has been...crazy. x.x
Tags: cards, gengar, glalie, houndoom, sales, trading, typhlosion, wanted, wants
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