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Some collection updates! :)

Hello comm <3
I have some cool Eeveelution updates! My fav's are Jolteon and Umbreon and I had to wait so long to make an update... I have still some items on the way to me haha. But it would take 1-2 weeks <.< No Absol's today! :D I want to make a seperate post soon. So here we go!

Little preview:
20151027_141230 (1).jpg

So here are my collection updates!

At first: Thank you havvaiibabe for the cool Jakks figures :) Was looking some months for it and got it finally! Also she sold it for a fair price ^^ I always saw expensive Jakks figures... My favorite is Jolteon <3

Some other cool gets: The Jolteon sitting Tomy plush as JPN version ^^ I like the ears <3 They are so soft and poseable... :D Also I got the Jolteon kyun chara figure. I'm waiting for the Pokedoll figure too. I got it in an auction on Y!J and it included some other Pokedoll figures which will be for sale soon ^^ So keep your eyes open for some sales soon :) I remember there was an Eevee and Vaporeon too.

A Jolteon and Umbreon 3DS stylus. Never saw it before... I couldn't remember the Eeveelutions got 3DS pencils xD I was looking through Ebay and was wondering that a seller from Germany was selling it :p

There are so many new gets... but I'm to lazy to post all XD You can check my collection website!

Here is my little Jolteon collection ^^ Still have some wants... You can find my wants on my collection site too. If you have any of my wants let me know!

Some close up pictures.

My little Umbreon collection haha. When I joined the community about a year ago I started to collect Absol and Umbreon, but I don't collected Umbreon longer... I had the Tomy and the Pokedoll only ^^ It's a slow growing collection...

Some close up pictures.

My Latios collection! :D I only had the velboa Pokedoll at the beginning... That was 2 months ago? I bought him from a comm member. But you can see my collection is growing XD Also got the cups for $20 with free shipping... That is really cheap. I saw the cups on Ebay and nobody was bidding :p

Some cool Lati gets :D A clear keychain! Got him in a set on Y!J. Have the clear Latias too ^^ It will be up for sale soon. So guys like I said.. Keep your eyes open! Also I got the Latios minicot from a comm member for $3 only! I was so lucky :D I know the Lati minicots cost between $5-20 xD Yay!

A Latios minky MWT Pokedoll! I was so happy that I won the auction on Y!J. The tag has some damage but I'm fine with it... :p I was thinking about it to sell my velboa Pokedoll soon. But I'm still unsure ^^

Some close up pictures ^^

I plan to post a main collection update... I will get some new cool stuff^^
Thanks for reading guys!

my wants
collection site
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