cyber_onion (cyber_onions) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Unexpected Grail!

Ok, so for the last two years I've been searching in vain for my ultimate grail, the Takara Tomy Best Wishes Charizard plush.

I ordered one of these beautiful plush when they were released, alas it was lost at sea (well, in transit. I'm going to assume at sea, for dramatic effect). The seller sent a replacement, which turned out to be a pokemon centre plush. After months of waiting on each delivery, the seller told me they didn't have any left to send. By that time, the aftermarket had imploded and taken with it any hope I'd entertained of owning one of these for myself (is imploded the right word?).

I'd basically given up hope of ever finding one, which is why my heart stopped when I found this one on ebay this morning.

(don't want to put up the full image because it's not mine).

But...just...can't believe...out of words.
Of course I bought him. How could I not?

Hopefully, this guy won't get lost in transit. Because I just found my ultimate grail...

Thanks for reading ^-^
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