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More boxes

I recently received two large boxes. :)


First Box

No, I did not order a box of newspapers....

no title

After the first layer of newspapers were removed

no title

Pictures of items in the first box

no title

There were other things in the first box, but I did not take pictures of them yet.

Second Box

Items in the second box

The entire second box was full of Nebukuro items. As usual I kind of overbought.

I did end up with a big box of newspapers though.....

These are not items from the box, but here are some pictures of the other things I have received recently

Everything here has been updated in my collection albums.
I also have updated the monthly Pikachu items, which is in my collection albums.
But the direct links to the items above
Secret Base
Hip Hop Party
Pikachu Mania
Mt. Fuji

Now, I was wondering if anyone here is familiar with the Pokemon Friends Plush that was released back in 2004. I think it is 2004, but I don't have the plush in front of me. If you are familiar with this set, do you know all the plush that was released for the set? I normally do not buy anything but Pikachu, but I recently found this and the completist in me kind of wants to get the entire set of whatever was released. This is what I have of the set. Friends Plush

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