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Plushie and Tag Identification Help?

I really want an I Love Eevee HQ plush. So I looked around and asked around and this seller told me that what they have for sale is indeed not a bootleg and an official Banpresto product and sent me these pictures. The seller ships from Japan so they don't seem to be lying from what I can tell according to the rules...

My concern with these pictures are the tush tag and hang tag as I've never seen an "I Love Eevee" series plush have these tags before when I researched it prior, I mean it still looks pretty official but I still wanna be weary. So I was hoping you guys could help me out here. It also doesn't seem to be in the regular sitting pose as it's suppose to be. It looks like the "Looking Back" version but I don't think the Looking Back version has an HQ version, does it? But I mean it looks pretty good, the ShoPro sticker even looks raised on the tag in the picture, but still.. i'm just not quite sure what plush this is...

Tags: eevee, plush
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