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✿ Auction Reminder and Crazy Trade Request! ✿

grail.jpg Good evening everyone!! IMG_9103.JPG

So i was hoping to open my new flats sales post, but guess what?? I spent hours typing out every book page and then suddenly the page refreshed and bam they're all gone. So annoying. I'll have to re-do it all Fri or Sun. :c Sorry guys!

*** Anyways, Just posting a reminder that my auctions end in about 24 hours!! Click the photos to go! ~ ***

12055123_531466807018160_366581625_o.jpg 12175869_531466843684823_391983058_o.jpg


Alright so im sure we all saw the sad news about the stamp lot, however i am here to propose a deal to whoever won the lot!
I have these 9 stamps PLUS either $100 or anything from my sales post(can be more than one item) to offer in exchange for ONLY 2 of the stamps from the lot that was won!!
Here are the stamps i am offering along with the $100 or items from my sales:

This is the lot that was won on YJ today:

The stamp circled is a GREEN STAMP THAT MAY BE ZIGZAGOON, which is my ULTIMATE GRAIL!!
This is what the zigzagoon stamp looks like:
The other stamp i'd like to trade for/buy is the suicune stamp for my friend!
Those are the two stamps i'd like. If you won this lot PLEASE PLEASE contact me!! <3 Even if you don't like the trade i am proposing, im sure we can work SOMETHING out!!
I may be a crazy person, but ill do ANYTHING it takes to obtain my grail.

Even if you are not the one that won this lot, but you have a zigzagoon stamp, please contact me as im sure i can work out a super crazy deal with you! ;u;

That's it today! A little bit of excitement, and a lot of desperation. Heh.

To make things a little less sad and desperate, here's a photo of a delicious pizza that Winston and i spent the day eating and crying over.

~ Thank you all for looking! <3
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