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Custom gets!

Hi there, it's just me popping in again! I've received lots of awesome stuff over the week or so but I decided that I just wanted to show off my custom gets this time around. I hope you like them as much as I do <3

Let's kick off with some custom felt plushies made by MissCloversCreations (https://www.etsy.com/shop/MissCloversCreations)

Despite their small size they are very detailed (exspecially Diggersby) Here are some close-ups of the more detailed ones (Diggersby,Porygon+Venomoth) to give you an idea of what I'm talking about:

The details on Diggersby's ears as well as his whole face, paws, and even the yellow patch on his tummy are all hand painted.

On the back his yellow patch is painted on once again and is tail is even there as well.

All of Porygon's extra details you see here are painted on (his other side is painted as well however since it is pretty much the same on the other side I decided just to show off one side)

Lots of extra details on Venomoth are hand painted. I really love how the eyes were done <3

And here is the back of Venomoth.

To give you all an idea on how tiny these guys are, here is Stantler next to a Munchlax kid

Overall I love how all of the came out <3

Next up are stickers that I received from lordboop (Please note that Dedenne, Plusle, and Minun aren't custom stickers but the other three are! I decided to show them off the electric rodents just because they are so cute!)

These guys came out so cute! Venomoth has to be my favorite out of this bunch but I really love how Lopunny and Diggersby came out. Thank you so much for making them for me lordboop

Lastly here is a custom pumpkin Meowth charm by ushigofasweet

Meowth makes such a cute pumpkin head. The whole pumpkin charm idea was really cute and an awesome way to celebrate Halloween. Thank you for such a cute charm ushigofasweet

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