Kyr (kyraiee) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Collection sales

Selling my collection off due to unforeseen circumstances:

I was given sales permission by Gin in January 2011

Here is my Feedback:

All Prices include USA shipping and fees

I ship from Florida

Dx groudon plush, USA 2005 Pokedoll and groudon pillow all TTO $150 shipped in the USA. The pillow has a faded tush tag, all are in good condition aside from the one faded tag.

Please keep in mind how much it would cost me to ship this due to size and weight and shipping is included in the lot amount. Fees are also included

Separate the prices are:
USA pokedoll $30
DX Pokedoll $80
Pillow $60

Lugia mini pokedoll $20 Shipped

Kyogre Keychain: $9
Kyogre charm: $9
Latias: $9
Johto Lugia: $20
Silver Johto Lugia: $25

Tags: groudon, kyogre, latias, lugia
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