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Hi guys!! USPS is planning to do a MAJOR price hike on Priority rates (which I depend on especially for any domestic packages over 13 ounces weight) early next year, which kills me to think about, so I'd like to clear out as much inventory as possible before it happens. In a way, it's a good wakeup call for me anyway because I MAJORLY need to clear out my room before a potential move in the near future, as my fiance (slowly, for now) gets more serious about finding a place for us to move in together :)

I will be applying additional discounts to orders focusing on QUANTITY! Note these pertain to Plush and Kids as these are the things taking up the most space in my room atm!
Discounts STACK so the more you're ordering, the more discounts of course!
- KIDS: Instant $10 off every $50 of Kids ordered! This means $20 off every $100 of Kids, etc!
- PLUSH: Instant $5 off every 3 plush subtotaling $30+ ordered! This means $10 off 6 plush subtotaling $60+, $15 off 9 plush subtotaling $90+, etc!

My normal discounts (in my sales rules) ALSO STACK with these offers, so that means even larger discounts to huge orders!

So the big thing: At my discretion, I will be putting unsold items in large eBay lots and they will become UNAVAILABLE from my LJ sales at that point, so if there's something you're looking to get, order before it's too late!! I'm open to doing extended holds if you have good feedback!

Soooooo if you're looking to do early holiday shopping for friends or such this season...~

Click here or the image below to go to my sales page!

Splash's PokeSales post! )
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