dragoniter (dragoniter) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Birthday gets post (part 2) + collection update

Hello community! How's everyone doing?
I decided to get my butt on here and post the rest of my gets I got for my birthday that passed
pkmncllcters gets logo.png

I got all these guys for my birthday ^^ I was so happy to finally get some eevee plushies since i've been meaning to eventually collect all the eeveeloutions.
Anyways It has been almost a year since I've been on here and look!
no title

Just look at this huge difference from my when I first joined to now! I've doubled what I started our with to now! I have over 85 plush now!
Maybe for my community anniversary I'll do a video or something.
What do you guys think of my plush improvement?

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