Tekirai (tekiraboshi) wrote in pkmncollectors,

a site called pokecentreloot?

[[I apologise in advance if this sort of post isn't appropriate for the comm - it's primarily seeing if anyone has any experience buying from this particular site before, so i hope it's okay :c please let me know if it isn't, mods!]]

recently someone on a pokemon chat I frequent was telling me about a bad experience they recently had with a UK-based pokecen importing site called pokecenterloot that was totally new to me. it wasn't quite the usual 'purchase gone wrong' fare, though.

this site seemed to have made an announcement back in august that they'd started to offer international shipping, and this person (somewhere in europe) tried to buy an item recently, only to have their order cancelled. it took a while for them to find any actual explanation for why that happened, and after digging around paypal, they found a very small message saying they don't ship internationally. it seems all signs of there being international shipping offered just vanished without a trace at some point since the announcement, and i don't think it's explicitly stated anywhere that they don't offer it anymore? if you google the string 'pokecenterloot "international shipping"' it's even still in google's cache that the site had INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING plastered everywhere, so it must've only been a recent change? this person tried contacting them on their fb group and twitter for a better explanation after being snubbed pretty bluntly like that, but it seems they deleted the post on fb and blocked them from the page. :x the twitter post is still there, though, and they were ignored there too...

i can understand a refund was all they could do, but something about this didn't really ring right with with me.
i've honestly never heard of this site before. between this situation and what happened with pokedollusa, somehow I'm not keen on the idea of websites that rely on bulk ordering from japan unless I know what happens if said orders get lost... have any UK comm members used this site before, and can tell of their experience? I'm not sure I would want to consider doing business with a site that handled something like this so... uh, not great-ly. x( some of the prices seem okay but I need to do some comparisons to see if it honestly works out any cheaper than my other options with shipping taken into account. anyone got any info on these guys?
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