Lindsay (linameerun) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Weekly wants!

Hello everybody! :)

Have a nice weekend, if your weekend has started already! I still have to work tomorrow, so my weekend starts Saturday evening :(

Well, last time I posted a hugh wantlist, and it didn't work out that well xD
So, i was thinking it might be better to only ask a few things per time :3 For now I have here my biggest wants, and I hope you can help me out!

Zigzagoon spinning cap / TOMY Battle Revol

ONLY THE CLEAR KID! I already have the other :)

Zigzagoon suction cup

Zigzagoon Japanese bean

Zigzagoon coins, bronze, silver, gold

Zigzagoon mood chaning coin

(Oh and thanks for letting me use your photo's, zigguppafu , you're a big help!)

You would make me so happy with any of these, I have been looking for them such a long time!
I have tried all kind of websites, but it doesn't work out that well on Japanese websites like Y!J and Buyee.
So for now I search at Amazon, Ebay and some Dutch websites...

Thanks so much already !! :D Hope you have a very nice weekend guys!

Tags: pokemon, wants, zigzagoon
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