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Just a sales reminder + question about shipping + tiny wants

Hello guys!

I just wanted to post a quick reminder for my flats sales (fyi - Sylveon candy is still available and I do accept haggling :>)

Click on pics or here to be transported > http://pkmncollectors.livejournal.com/20251848.html
If you're looking for Pokemon that isn't featured there just write a comment and I'll check if I can find something for you. I have a lot more stuff that isn't pictured (including Japanese tcg, kids figures etc) so if you're looking for certain Pokemon's merch - let me know ^o^
Within about a month I'll have a lot of new flats so if you want me to tag you in the future post just let me know in comment and I'll put you down on my list. Just let me know for which Pokemon you're looking.
And here's my question:
Anyone has ever used surface shipping method from Japan? -_- My friend sent me some plushies and other pkmn stuff over two months ago and tracking hasn't been updated yet and I'm getting kinda worried, I'm usually super patient person but that's just too much even for me XD It's package from Japan to Europe so if anyone from Europe ever used this method - please let me know :)

I want to post collection update but I really want this package to arrive first >.< I hope it'll be within about a month or so, ehhh.
I'm looking for Snivy pokedoll, I prefer the one with a tag. Shipping would be either to Poland or to US (middleman), I'm looking to spend about $15-$20 but if you have one then let me know what's your price so we can discuss :)

I'm also looking for Tepig pokedoll but I can get one from eBay for about $15 shipped so I doubt anyone is willing to sell theirs for that price? Let me know :D

I already have Oshawott pokedoll so I wanted to complete the trio ^-^

I might also be interested in Cubchoo and Vanillite  pokedolls (jpn version)

(images from Pokevault.com)

Thanks for looking guys, have a great weekend!
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