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I still can't believe it....my biggest grail gets

Hello my fellow community members! I come to you today to display my best week for mail ever...two grails that I have wanted for YEARS, arriving in the same week. I still can't believe it. This post is going to have some very long stories, as well as photos of my collection and newly acquired friends, so just a warning, it's going to be text and image heavy under the cut.

Anyway, without further ado, here are the two plushies that I never thought in a million years I would even actually own.....

My story about Lapras begins when I was young. I can't remember the exact age, but I was in elementary school. I would always browse the Pokemon Center website because once in awhile my parents let me buy a pokedoll from there. One day, I was bugging my mom to let me buy a pokedoll and she caved and let me look online (I used to have to get permission to use the computer >_<). So anyway, I go online and see this plush, this "Giant Lapras" that's for sale. I looked at the dimensions and yelled "MOM! There's a Lifesize Lapras plush on the website can I get it!!??" Of course, I know now that it's not lifesized, but my little child mind saw that it was much bigger than the dimensions of the pokedolls and got really excited. My mom came over, saw the price, and immediately said no. I was really upset because Lapras was one of my favorite pokemon as a kid, and the thought of having a Giant "Lifesize" Lapras plush made me ecstatic. However, because she was so stern on saying no, I moved on and bought a cheaper pokedoll. The next time I went on the website would be to read that it had closed down. One of the biggest let-downs I think I had as a kid.

But ever since then, that Giant Lapras stuck in my head, and was never let go.

In 2011, I joined this community and immediately was reminded of that "Giant Lapras." I wanted to know how rare it was so I went on Google and searched up images for the plush, only to find ONE pixelated image of her. At the time, this was the only picture of the plush on Google. Now, I know there are a few more, but at the time this was THE PICTURE of the plush that everyone used for wants lists and such. I'm sure many of you have seen it, but I am talking about this picture here:

I was let down at that moment. I told myself that as badly as I wanted it, I would never be able to own her. She was too rare, and as I soon realized, WAY too expensive. The Giant PC Lapras was one of those plushies that I always wanted, but figured it would only be a dream, never a reality.

After choosing to collect Eeveelutions I moved on to other grails: the bell plushies, the minicots, and so on. I took my mind away from Lapras to help forget that I'd never be able to own her... I collected the Vee's for about a year and a half before really going awol. High school got in the way and I just didn't have the passion I had in the past for collecting, so my collection was shoved away in bins only to be pretty much forgotten for the next 2 years...

This year I was going through my collection when I decided I wanted to collect again with a change in what I was collecting. I chose to go from Eeveelutions to pokedolls and some other things that I liked. I decided it would be a very laid-back collection, and it would be specifically things that brought me back to my childhood. I was once again reminded of Lapras.

Because I didn't collect for quite some time, this year in 2015 after looking up pictures of the Lapras I found quite a few. Honestly, it gave me hope. I saw that this plush wasn't impossible to obtain, and I got my hopes up and searched daily for about a month before life got in my way again.

After a few months, out of the blue, I decided to browse Ebay. As I was browsing, I searched Lapras Plush, as it was habit of me to do so. What popped up made me almost start to cry. The Giant Lapras Plush that I had dreamed about for so long sat there on my screen with a price tag that would make anyone wince. I got up and had flashbacks to when I was a kid, because I ran straight to my mom and said "Mom, could I get this Giant Lapras Plush?" I showed her the computer and, once again, she immediately said no, cringing at the price of it.

But it was already decided. I was going to get this plush, no matter what. I contacted the seller, we agreed on a payment plan, and after that is when I got my first job. After 6 months of paying her off, she's finally here, in my house, in my arms.

My family thinks I'm crazy, my friends think I'm crazy, MOST people would think I'm crazy, because I spent $4,000 on a "stuffed animal." But honestly, this Lapras is more than just a grail item to me now. She's tangible evidence of how hard I worked to get the money to afford her, she's a look into my past and my childhood that I never want to forget, and as weird as it may sound, she's also a reminder for me a dream big and never give up, be it in collecting or life in general. As I said earlier, I never thought I would own this plush; this is a dream come true for me. Now she's here, a part of my collection and a part of my life <3

Now for Tufty.....

I grew up playing a game for the GameCube called Pokemon Channel. That game would entertain my sister and I for hours, and one of our favorite parts about that game was the anime, The Pichu Bros. That show was one of my favorite things to watch as a kid, and I've probably seen it 50+ times...Anyway, I fell in love with the Pichu Bros and naturally when I joined this community back in 2011 I realized there was a Tufty pichu pokedoll. After I realized that I, one day, could have pokedolls replicating the Pichu Bros, and that's when I put Tufty on the wants list.

During my year and a half of collecting on the community, I don't remember seeing a Tufty for sale/auction (there might have been one, I just don't remember ><), but again after my hiatus I decided to let it go. After I started up again this year, and chose to collect pokes from my childhood, Tufty, once again, came in my head. I looked up pictures on google and had him again on my wants list.

After seeing an auction on Ebay, I was ready to give it my all to get him. Now, thanks to eevee_trainer and dark_tyranitar, this too is a dream come true. I have have two little pichus, just like the Pichu Bros, to remind me of my childhood ^_^

For those who made it through one or two of those stories, I really appreciate you taking that journey with me :) It means a lot :)

Now! Let's do something I haven't done in forever get on to a collection update! ^_^

Here is my collection all together, and as you can see, it's a mix of a lot of stuff >_< I have some other plushies that I forgot to picture here, but I'll be sure to include them in a proper collection update later down the road :)

I also have some figures/charms/etc so here's some close ups of those :)

Some of the figures and stuff I have are from when I was a kid, so I had to have a shelf designated to them ^_^

And now, everything on my shelves :)

I've still gotta find a place for Lapras, but right now she resides on her rug~

Edit: Honestly guys, you are all amazing. These comments are making me cry of joy...you guys are so supportive and so kind and I just wanted to say thank you :,) <3 Wish I could hug all you guys right now <3

Thank you guys so much for reading and I hope everyone has an amazing and fun filled weekend! :D Happy Halloween!!
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