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Too good to be true? Low priced Mew?

Hello Collectors! I apologise if this isn't the place to post this, but I recently found a Mew Pokedoll (2005 version) on eBay for 24.99, which is a really good price from what I've seen. It looked legitimate, too, but there are a few things that ring red flags.

1. The seller said that they recently went to Japan this year, and brought back tons of Pokemon merch to sell. I'm assuming they could have picked Mew up secondhand, but a lot of their other stuff looks recent, so I'm guessing they went to the Pokemon Center?

2. I compared the Doll to two others which I am sure are legitimate, as they are very high priced and look legitimate. All three look a little different from each other (all are still from 2005) but the two which I am sure are real have bigger eyes than the cheaper one.

3. The cheap one's Tush Tag has the (c) 2005 Pokémon/Nintendo part printed, but it is printed as "(c)2005 Pokémon/Nintendo/
Creatures/GAME FREAK.", while the other, expensive one has it printed as "(c)2005 Pokémon/Nintendo.
TM and (R) Nintendo."

Help? I have been wanting a Mew Pokedoll for a long time but I either never find one or never find one for a good price. Here's some pictures I saved:

And here's the Legit (High priced) ones for comparison:

And the other:

Tags: eevee, mew, pokedoll, pokemon
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