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Collection Update!

That is to say I now actually have a collection :p

I haven't actively collected Pokemon merchandise for years, the only thing I regularly buy is the Pokemon Adventures manga and the video games. When I was around 15, Pokemon was suddenly considered uncool and childish so people made sure to try and embarrass me for liking it. Needless to say I stopped buying cards and figures and such as a result. But now I'm 26 and not phased by stuff like that, yay! XD

I joined PKMNCollectors thinking to myself "I'll buy a couple of figures that I've wanted for ages, see what I like that's new." Etc.
AND I LIKE SO MUCH!! I decided I'd collect Venusaur as I love it! Here's what I have so far:

I love them <3 I originally only had the first tomy figures and a sculpture. Also I decided I woudn't buy any plush, but fell in love with this particular venusaur one because of his smooshy grumpy face (I think theres something about this community that makes you want things you wouldn't normally want XD)

I also bought a couple of charizard figures that I liked, which seems to be turning into a collection of its own:

Again I only had the original tomy and a sculpture, I also have a few more charizards on the way, looks like I collect him now too!

That Blastoise is the start of another collection, I can't have Venusaur and Charizard and leave poor Blastoise out, right?

I have more figures on the way, a couple of kids, maybe another plushie, and I have a few other things not for these collections I've bought that I love <3 All in all it feels AMAZING to be collecting again, thanks to everyone for your help!
Tags: blastoise, charizard, pokemon, venusaur
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