kyreon (kyreon) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Wants List and trades update

Hello hello!

I took the time recently to give my wants list a much needed update/makeover, and I also added a few things to my trade post.
But the real reason I'm posting today is to look for something I really really want- The Glaceon Banpresto attack keychain! I didn't know the name of it before, and only had one blurry picture to go by. Because of that I never actively looked for it... I figured it wasn't something I could ever find by looking. But now that I know what it is and that it's not a mystery to me anymore, I HAVE TO HAVE IT! owo It's actually become a grail of mine!

So without further adue- This keychain is WANTED for crimes of being too pretty!! *slaps poster on wall*

And links to my Tradepost and Wants List, please feel free to take a look~
(click pictures to be transported)

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