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✿ Grand Sales Opening!! ✿

grail.jpg Happy Halloween Everyone!! IMG_9103.JPG

I am very very excited to announce that after quite a few days worth of work revamping my sales post, i have finally finished!! Everything is now on it's own page to make things easier and i've added so many new things you won't believe how much my hands hurt from typing!
Everything is also now CTRL+F friendly, so you can quickly find whatever Pokemon you are looking for! Please let me know how it looks! Let me know if anything is confusing or i should change anything!
I will be making banners for the other individual posts this week, as well as adding about 10 more books worth of book pages once i buy a new exacto knife. Mine mayyy have broken while slicing out pages! (and cut through my pants and leg... oops)
Anyways, onto the sales!! Click here or the banner to go!!

*** Please note that i will not be replying to notes until either tonight or tomorrow!! ***
It is Halloween today, and i am about to dress up with my boyfriend and go apple picking and to dinner! C:

Here is a bonus photo Winston wanted to share with you guys:

Winston: "Mamma look i'm a bunny for Halloween! Pyon-pyon!"
Me: "Winston i think that hat is too bi..."

Before i sign off, i'd also just like to ask if anyone has these Spanish Rubi(Ruby) and Zafiro(Saphirre) Advertisement Posters for sale?? The backs have Mightyena and Wurmple on them! Please let me know!! <3

~ Thank you all for looking! <3
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