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Happy Pokemon Halloween!

Hey guys, hope you all have a Happy Halloween tonight or had a fun time! I'll be snacking on Japanese candy and chocolates. :D And also going to the Final Fantasy concert tonight. Just wanted to share some quick pictures I had taken this month and I took a few pictures this morning before work...

Welcome to PikaBat's Lair!

Pumpkinchu with pumpkin bread from the Japanese bakery (it has pumpkin paste!) and Halloween Pocky~

I thought this cover of this Japanese children's book was very cute so I put pumpkinchu on it. XD

Ahh last day of October so here's October Monthly Chu helping me paint Haunter. It's not done. >_> I drew some better Haunters at work the other day.

Chubs Halloween Chu in San Francisco Japantown!

Got lots more photos to share of my Halloween gets and more pics! I slacked and haven't gotten around to taking photos. Next time! ;.;

Happy Halloween! Enjoy the treats! :3

And have a spooky night!

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