Laura! ♫ (laurakitazawa) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Laura! ♫

Collection gets/update!


I just felt like posting some things I've been acquiring every now and then. ;u; I've seen lots of new members pop up too, welcome! If you don't know me, I mainly collect Helioptile/Heliolisk and Umbreon, with a side collection of Charizard. I might be interested in purchasing your Helioptile/Heliolisk line items, customs included, so let me know what you have!

Plush! Here's the MPC Helioptile, a custom Helioptile cookie plush, the two Umbreon kuttari and two precious Charizards by StarMassacre - I couldn't take any photographs to do them justice, they are so well made and lovely.

Figures! This huge Charizard Y figure was a gift, as well as the amiibo! I also painted a Helioptile tomy in its shiny red colour - Toys R Us just finished a promotion for clip 'n' carry Pokemon figures Umbreon and Helioptile, which you could collect free with a token from the Daily Express newspaper (of course I got both!).

Flats! An amazing Heliolisk sketch from aarux as a thank you for adopting the Charizard twins, a postcard, the secret Umbreon PokeTime strap and note cards, and a dot sprite badge from a local convention.

Lastly, I hope you all had a fun Halloween yesterday! I didn't have a proper costume sorted this year (next year I'll be the Lone Wanderer with my partner as the Sole Survivor) but here's my Paarthurnax being a witch to end the post. Isn't he sweet?

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