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The day has finally come.

My last post was my annual Pokedoll Poll. One of the questions was "Have you ever found a Pokedoll at a thrift store/flea market?" My answer has been for the last 3 years "ONE DAY". Well ladies and gents, the day has finally arrived.

Pic heavy (and wordy heh) :3

It was a regular day before work. Actually my very last day of being a Monster at Halloween Haunt at Kings Dominion. I didn't have to be there until 4:30ish, so I decided to make a swing by the two Goodwills within my area. Typically, I avoid Goodwill on the weekends cause its busy as shit and everything is super picked over. But I made a very good decision...

First Goodwill, nothing; typical Saturday. Annoying people throwing everything into their carts or hogging the aisiles.

Second Goodwil is a tad bit bigger. First thing I notice in the front case is three reverse holo Pokemon cards that they have marked $10 a piece. Central VA Goodwills are notorious for over pricing things. I laughed and kept looking around.

Shopping around, yadda yadda, come to the big bin of stuffed animals. My Goodwills are also famous for taking the smaller plush, sticking them all into one huge bag and marking it with a single price. I spot a Jakks Spoink in the huge bag of other random stuffed animals I couldn't care less about. I look at the bag some more and spot a Plusle Jakks and a Sneasle Jakks. Nothing else Pokemon I could see. $23 for the entire bag. I decided to be bad and descretly open the taped shut bag to pull the Pokemon out and poke around to see if there were any other Pokemon hiding in the huge bag. Nope. I take the three out (which they would charge $1 a piece for, I know ridiculous) Then I walk into the toy area and spot ANOTHER huge bag. "Shit I bet there is more Pokemon in that bag." Jackpotttttt.

I picked it up and it was just one after another. Burger King, Jakks, the usual common. Then I flip it over to the bottom. TWO POKEDOLLS STARING RIGHT AT ME. GAHHH.

I started shaking in excitement. There were so many I decided to just buy the entire bag of about 100 plush for $22 instead of pulling out each one.

I was like fucking leaping to the check out lmao. I looked at the cashier like "ERMERGERD I COLLECT THESE IM SO HYPE." I showed her a pic of my collection and she just kinda acted happy for me when I'm sure she was like "This bitch is crazy" LETS OPEN DA BAG.

(You can clearly see there were just a ton that were completely of no use to me. I actually took the entire bag to work and gave them away. You have never seen grown adults get so excited over free plushies.)

GAHHHH. Okay, granted, there were only 4 plush that were a super great find, which are the Mudkip Pokedoll, The Jirachi Pokedoll (which im not 100% sure is legit or not more detailed pics to come) a Buizel UFO (an odd find since it was a Japan-only thing) and a Mime Jr. TOMY thing that is just beyond adorable. Ignore Yoshi and Toy Story Pea Pods :3 It would have been a way better post had it had like a Houndour Pokedoll or Natu or something, but regardles, FREAKING POKEDOLS AT MY GOODWILL :D It was funny, I actually left to get lunch, and got to thinking, what if there were more I some how missed when I left so eagerly? So I actually drove back to the Goodwill to take a second look. Nothing sadly, but always good to take a second look in times like these lol

Hehhhhhh <3<3 Okay so typically people come to me about seeing if a Pokedol is legit or not so I just want some second opinions on the Minky 2009 Japanese release Jirachu.

So initially I asumed it was fake for the following reasons:

-The bottom font looked too thin to be a legit tag
-It is extremely unlikley that a Japanese release Pokedoll would have been in the US (By that I mean someone who just happen to like Pokemon plush, but didnt collect them seriously, most likley wouldnt have anything japanese, only common american plush. A real collector wouldnt give away japanese plush)
-Her face looks derpy.

Then I started second guessing it when I looked at one listed on ebay. The tag looked pretty much the same, the minky is pretty high quality (thought I know some bootlegs also have high quality fabric as well), and all Jirachis look derpy haha. I just want some second opinions. I compared her tag to another 2009 Dragonite, and there is some differences in the font- Doesnt mean anything but I would love y'alls opinions.

And lastly, does anyone know anythind about this mini Togepi? She hasd a Jakks tag, but I couldnt find her on eBay or the Pokemon Plush Project. Mystery solved; shes a Jakks Throw Pokeball plush. Thanks pokemushi !

Thanks for sharing the excitement with me!!!

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