Laura (juumou) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Custom giant Wooper tsums auction!

Hey guys!
Selling a Tomy Sentret plush, Mawile plush, and Vaporeon and Cresselia Pokemon Kids figures.

Auction has ENDED; Woopers are sometimes available for sale in my Etsy shop:

Woopers are big and cuddly, and made from minky! Each Wooper measures 15" with tail. The tail is floppy, and adorable little feet. Wooper has polyester pellets in the tummy, in a contained fabric bag.

PAYPAL ONLY. Shipping not included.
Shipping costs for small items start at $3.00 in the US or $7.50 overseas. Larger plush shipping fees will be higher.

Mawile plush from NY Nintendo world store, NWT: $7.00

Vaporeon kid, brand new: $6 -> $3
Cresselia (DX?) kid, brand new: $5 -> $2

Sentret Tomy plush - good condition with tush tag: ON EBAY

Feedback link:
Feedback link 2:
Sales permission had been grandfathered.

Tags: auction, cresselia, mawile, plush, sales, sentret, vaporeon, wooper
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