renafan2004 (renafan2004) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Pokemon Worlds 2015 Merch Memories! Give us your stories!

I'll be posting my next collection update soon, but I wanted to post about this months ago but never got around to doing it.  When I first heard about a year ago that Worlds was coming to Boston, MA I was pretty meant THE premiere Pokemon event was coming to my little spot in the's like getting to the Pokemon League.  Worlds is the Pokemon League for a lot of us, and the fact that they had a Pokemon Center there was almost a total surprise to me (though I shouldn't be, considering Pokemon is a multi-million dollar machine).  I've always wanted to go to one, and I was shaking a little before I got in.  I wore a Mega Lucario shirt I bought from the online store and getting in there I was amazed at how much effort was put into the little center they set up.  Lit up displays, plenty of stock, unique products for Worlds, the GIANT (28 inch only from what I saw at the time) Pikachu, trainer size Hoenn starters, Fennekin hat...I spent a lot of money there.  I ended up getting Primal Groudon, Mega Latias, a Fennekin hat, and Worlds 2015 I have the 2014 and 2015 Worlds Pikachus! It felt so amazing to actually be in there, I went a second time. :)  I still plan to go to Japan and visit one of the many Pokemon Centers but I could go to my grave happy that i just got to go to one...that, and I met and took a picture with a giant Pikachu!>.< It was sooo cute!  What are your memories? Show with piccies, if you can!
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