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First Collection Update Pt, 1 :D

Good Evening/Morning/Afternoon Everyone :)

With mid-terms finally out of the way I finally managed to make a collection update, something I've been meaning to do for quite some time now. As the title states, this is part one, since my Pokemon merch is divided between my Mother's and Father's households.

This was my collection I joined the community back in April:

In the spoiler, is my collection as of now :)
*Warning, Picture Heavy!
[Spoiler (click to open)]
Ever since that post, I found myself collecting an entire mixed bags of merchandise. However, I tend to collect Eeveelutions, Swords of Justice, and Victini merch:

All these pieces are prints from RockyHammer! He's a pretty awesome artist who mainly focuses on Pokemon.

These three I have trouble displaying, since Glaceon's head is heavier than the rest of it's body, so I have to try to use the other plush to balance them all out XD On a side note, this Virizion is my favourite plush, I hope to also one day purchase a Cobalion of similar size when I have the monies :)

Victini, Sylveon, and Cincinno hanging out in my art work space :D

This Glaceon pendant is definitely one my grails I purchased! I hope my local jewelry store will be able to fix extra links so I can wear it :)

That's about it for this collection post! I'm hoping to post part two when I go to my Father's for my birthday. Too end this post I'm going to leave a question: How do you stand up your plush that have a disproportional mass, like Glaceon's heavy head but super light body? :)
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