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Some amazing gets + Mini grail - And also some Sales!

Hey everyone, I bring you something really neat today, including some new collection additions of mine (with a mini grail I've been trying to get a hold of for years now :') ) and also some sales, mostly TCG ones, and a bit of art to clear out my portfolio.

Ta-dah! Here he is, the minky Lucario Pokedoll I've been searching for a long time is finally in my hands. The only pokedoll I have both the velboa and minky version of now, and he's also super fluffy and adorable. Special thanks goes out to Revarrie for being my middleman. <3

The 'vee collection is growing as well, and while the Pokemon time plushes are sitting on my collection shelves, the I <3 Eevee one has become my travelling partner.

And some card collection updates with three new goldstars and some oldschool cards, as well as some newschool 'vees.

Now, onto the sales!

All items from these sales can be combined with items from my permanents sales page here:

There is art and some other oldschool TCG stuff! However, I'm not accepting trades at the time due to moving and life being really stressful.

The rules:

- Sales permission  granted by entirelycliched on February 11th 2013
- I ship internationally, but since I'm from Germany, please keep in mind that shipping can get a little expensive and take a bit longer
- Shipping for flats starts at 1 US$ within Germany and Austria, and at 3 US$ internationally, there are options for insurance and tracking, let me know if you'd like any shipping upgrades!
- Payments via PayPal only
- I am not responsible for lost mail
- Payments shall be sent within 48 hours after buying confirmation
- I can hold items up to 48 hours as well
- I ship cards and Art in Toploaders, sleeves, and/ or cardboard stabilized
- Prices do not include fees or shipping
- Do NOT delete your comments or replies!
- I usually ship items 1-5 days after I received payments

- Feedback page can be found here
- To avoid any confusion about my little feedback on the community, here's my ebay feedback as well.

German Raikou Goldstar - EX/GD condition, the surface is fine except for a tiny crease at the bottom of the card, and the edges are a bit damaged as well.
30 US$ or best offer

1st ED Japanese Emerald Break Rayquaza EX - Near Mint condition.
8 US$

Fullart English Kyogre EX of Dark Explorers - Near Mint condition.
24 US$

Fullart English Groudon EX of Dark Explorers - Near Mint condition.
28 US$

1st ED Japanese Double Crisis Groudon EX - Near Mint/Mint condition
7 US$

1st ED Japanese Double Crisis Kyogre EX - Near Mint/Mint condition
7 US$

I also have a complete set of 1st ED Japanese Double Crisis still in my binder up for sale, if you're interested in it along with the Kyogre and Groudon, you'll have priority to anyone who shows interested in the Ultra rares only.
- 30 US$ for the complete set

So that's about it, I hope you all have a great week! :')

Tags: pokedolls, sales, tcg
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