Stella (giratina) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Some wants + updates

Hello community! I have recently moved, so that means I had to rearrange my collection. Once I get settled in, I'll be sure to post some collection pictures over the weekend! I'm super excited to show the new setup + looong awaited Y!J gets (curse you accidental surface shipping). My Giratinas don't fit into a single shelf. They take up three solid shelves now. Makes me kinda proud tbh

As always; looking for any giratina wants
I'm interested in finishing up my Arceus chou get collection as well. So far I have;

I need;
They don't need bases.

Also looking for dialga and palkia pokedolls. They don't need tags; American or Japanese. Just hoping to find them cheap ;v;

I'm happy to say that I managed to get the large BP Dialga and Palkia figures for super cheap!! I'll be looking out for the pearly versions; especially Palkia. I grew a whole new love for him ♡ His design is so good.

Hoping the cut work properly. First time doing this on mobile

Tags: pokedoll, wants
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