lalaraikkonen (lalaraikkonen) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Some Small Gets and Wants

Hey! Just here with a small update and a wants post since I barely ever post (I do lurk on here everyday though!). I did a small photoshoot with the little time I have for my new Umbreon figure from creampuffoholic and a Leafeon figure from peppermmints. I threw one of them onto Photoshop out of boredom to play around with!

Maybe when I have time, I'll photoshoot the rest of my collection with some more effort, this semester is really busy. In the mean time, this is it! I'd love to see anyone else's fun photography sessions with their figures!

Also! I'm still looking for this poseable Haxorus figure! It's like on the top of my list and I absolutely can't find it being sold anywhere, checked some Japanese websites, Ebay, even Craigslist, as well as Taiwanese and Chinese websites. What kind of sites can you guys think of where this guy here can be bought from? Know anyone selling one? This figure came in a set with Emboar. I'm not the kind to collect everything Haxorus related but this figure is the best I've seen!

*this is not my photo, if you would like it taken down, please lt me know!
Thanks for reading!
Tags: figures, gets, haxorous, leafeon, umbreon, wants

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