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tiny wants!! + surprise get

Hi!!!! So the last time I posted a wants list that was sort of vague-ish as I wasn't too sure which pins I wanted yet.

But now I know!!!!

If anyone has any of these pins (from the rainbow series, thanks for the info schenzi !) for sale please leave a comment below!~

I'm also looking for Worlds pins!

2012 Hawaii Pin, 2013 Vancouver Pin...

2014 DC Pin and the 2015 Boston pin! I'm aware that the boston pin comes with a lanyard set, but I'm only interested in getting the pin!!

I know some are available on ebay but some of the prices are a little high + I have no idea why the shipping is so high for such a small item. (the seller for the $2.50 2014 pin isn't responding to my messages about shipping... ;;) I'd also prefer to buy from the community so I can get some feedback and keep the money flowing among us!

I got the substitute pin yesterday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This isn't my photo because I haven't gotten a proper case/corkboard/thingy to display my pins in yet.

But subsitute pin!!!!! It was a surprise find in my local selling community, for a little cheaper than what I could find on Y!J. I travelled pretty far to meet the seller because they weren't able to mail it (for some reason)... and during the train rush hour...

But it was worth it!!! For substitute pin!!! I also got a Staryu one which is also amazing and at a reasonable price.

Honestly it didn't come up with the gachapon paper slip so it could be a fake but... they don't make fakes of these right??? If they do.. I don't want to know!!!!!

kind of off-topic but has anyone heard from cyritic recently? was just a little anxious because it's been a while now and she hasn't updated me on the shipping status of my plush.. maybe she's busy with something?? I don't mind waiting I just need a little update on things! so if anyone knows what happened ;~;

I wished I could use Substitute to get me out of all these assignments I have... hahaha... and maybe out of life...
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