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51 English Breakthrough Booster Pack Opening Livestream!

Hi, Everyone!

Today I bring you a Livestream opening of 51 English Breakthrough booster packs. XD! FOR THE HOUNDS!

Livestream Link As usual, my dogs will probably make an appearance at some point. My livestreams are silent, so don't worry about your sound. I will be typing in the chatroom as "maitaidelight" or "risha."

I will edit this text once the Livestream starts. Which should be around 10:15-10:30pm Eastern Time. (about 10-25 minutes after original post)LIVESTREAM IS OVER

The luck of the 'dooms wasn't with me. I only pulled the regular Houndoom EX and the Spirit Link. So I still need Houndoom FA, the two Mega Houndooms, and an RH Houndoom Spirit Link. I think the only English EXs I have to trade are a Glalie EX (from this set) and a Thundurus FA. I will also consider trading my FA Brigette and any of the three Mewtwo cards I pulled (EX, FA, and Mega EX).

All duplicates will be available for trade/sale after the Livestream. So if you see something during the Livestream or know of cards you'd be interested in from this, please comment on this post and I'll let you know. I also have Korean and Japanese cards from this set for sale/trade.

Here is a list of cards I still need from this set -

11/162 Chesnaught
12/162 ChesnaughtBREAK
15/162 Vivillon
22/162 MegaHoundoomEX
55/162 Raikou
60/162 Gengar
61/162 MewtwoEX
63/162 MegaMewtwoEX
66/162 Mismagius
91/162 Zoroark
92/162 ZoroarkBREAK
94/162 Yveltal
130/162 Braviary

135/162 Buddy-Buddy Rescue - have (not sure I'm keeping)
136/162 Fisherman - have (not sure I'm keeping)
137/162 Float Stone - maybe - have (not sure I'm keeping)
141/162 Heavy Boots - maybe - have (not sure I'm keeping)
146/162 Professor's Letter - have (not sure I'm keeping)
147/162 Reserved Ticket - maybe - have (not sure I'm keeping)
149/162 Super Rod - have (not sure I'm keeping)
151/162 Burning Energy - maybe - have (not sure I'm keeping)

153/162 HoundoomEX
154/162 MegaHoundoomEX
158/162 MewtwoEX
159/162 MegaMewtwoEX
160/162 MegaMewtwoEX
162/162 Giovanni's Scheme
163/162 MewtwoEX
164/162 MewtwoEX

RH -

5/162 Pansage
6/162 Simisage
10/162 Quilladin
11/162 Chesnaught
13/162 Scatterbug
15/162 Vivillon
16/162 Skiddo
17/162 Gogoat
18/162 Cyndaquil
19/162 Quilava
20/162 Typhlosion
23/162 Pansear
24/162 Simisear
25/162 Fennekin
26/162 Braixen
36/162 Piplup
37/162 Prinplup
38/162 Empoleon
42/162 Simipour
43/162 Vanillite
44/162 Vanillish
45/162 Vanilluxe
46/162 Froakie
47/162 Frogadier
49/162 Raichu
55/162 Raikou
57/162 Dedenne
58/162 Gastly
60/162 Gengar
66/162 Mismagius
67/162 Wobbuffet
70/162 Cresselia
71/162 Woobat
72/162 Swoobat
75/162 Sandshrew
76/162 Sandslash
77/162 Cubone
83/162 Hippopotas
87/162 Hawlucha
89/162 Zorua
90/162 Zorua
93/162 Inkay
94/162 Yveltal
97/162 Mr. Mime
102/162 Floette
103/162 Florges
105/162 Spritzee
106/162 Aromatisse
107/162 Xerneas
108/162 Axew
109/162 Axew
110/162 Fraxure
111/162 Haxorus
112/162 Noivern
114/162 Meowth
119/162 Hoothoot
120/162 Noctowl
122/162 Ursaring
123/162 Smeargle
125/162 Starly
126/162 Staravia
127/162 Staraptor
130/162 Braviary
131/162 Noibat
132/162 Noibat
134/162 Brigette
135/162 Buddy-Buddy Rescue - have (not sure I'm keeping)
136/162 Fisherman
137/162 Float Stone - maybe
138/162 Giovanni's Scheme
139/162 Glalie Spirit Link
141/162 Heavy Boots - maybe - have (not sure I'm keeping)
142/162 Houndoom Spirit Link
144/162 Mewtwo Spirit Link
146/162 Professor's Letter
147/162 Reserved Ticket - maybe
148/162 Skyla
149/162 Super Rod - have (not sure I'm keeping)
150/162 Town Map '
151/162 Burning Energy - maybe
152/162 Rainbow Energy

I AM LOOKING FOR BREAKTHROUGH HOUNDS (and the Spirit Link) IN OTHER LANGUAGES! I need all 5 (6 if you include the RH Spirit Link) in French, German, Spanish, and Italian (and any other language the set is released in besides English, Japanese, and Korean). AND I need the FA Houndoom and both Mega Houndoom cards in Korean. If you have these cards and are willing to sell/trade them, or if you are willing to act as a middleman for either booster packs or card singles, please let me know. :D

I know I am a bit behind on messages. The last couple weeks have been crazy. Actually, the whole month of October was. I'm hoping to reply to everything this week.

~ Risha

P.S. My Pokemon puppies were featured on Pokemon's official twitter on Halloween. SO AWESOME! EEE!!!!
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