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Gets, sales, and a small want

Ahh I haven't really posted as of late, and when I do post it's been for a measly want or a quick sale. Well, now I bring a slightly bigger sales post with an even measlier want as well as some awesome gets!

I love the small amount of merchandise Zoroark has been getting due to the tcg Break series! So far I've only gotten a pack of the card sleeves (two actually, but I'm selling the second one) and the binder. The two coins are on their way to me, and I hope to obtain all of the cards soon :)

Once the two coins arrive to me, I will have 3 of the 4 Zoroark coins so I was wondering if anyone had the one I am missing? I would absolutely love to buy it!

Now, onto some sales! Please, please, please take a look! My paypal funds are running a bit low and I told myself I wouldn't use the money in my bank account once school started back up and I need that new PC Mew plush!

Sales Permission granted by areica96 on March 21, 2015
Mah Feedback
-All community rules apply.
-I will not sell to people banned from the community.
-I ship from Virginia.
-Prices are in USD.
-Shipping and fees are not included in prices unless stated otherwise, and the price of shipping may include the price of any materials I needed to have bought in order to ship the item (I try to reuse materials when I can though).
-Bare in mind that shipping outside the US can be a bit pricey.
-I am open to trades. My wants list can be found here and I am open to customs!
-Haggling is permitted, but please be mature and commitments to the full price take priority.
-Commitments have priority over quotes. I kind of feel bad for doing this because I know how it feels to ask for a quote then lose the item, but if you REALLY want it then commit to it.
-Everything comes from an extremely pet loving home. Most are also from my smoke free house, but some have been in my boyfriend's house and his parents smoke. If there are any concerns, please ask!
-I can do holds for up to 48 hours. Exceptions can be made if necessary. Asking for me to hold something is a commitment! If you later decide that you don't want it then I will leave negative feedback.
-I am a slow shipper. Please allow some time for me to ship your item. I am a full time student and have a job as well.
-Once the item is shipped I am no longer responsible for it. If it is lost, I will attempt to make it up to you because I know how it feels, but that is the best I can do.
-In the case of offers post, if you back out of an offer before talking to me and working things out with me then I will leave negative feedback.
-Minimum purchase of $5!

MWT US PC Delphox plush- $20 shipped within the US!
Poseable Tomy Genesect plush- $25 shipped within the US!
MWT JP PC Keledo plush- $28 shipped within the US!
JP Axew Pokedoll with detached hang tag- $18 shipped within the US!
MWT Sleepy Charmander and Mudkip kuttari- $16 shipped within the US each!
Shiny Latias customs from Easy artists- $5 each
Tagless UFO Buizel plush- $5 SOLD

Reshiram Tomy figure- $7
Reshiram kids- $2 each except for the shimmering one which is $3

Various Hasbro (may have scuffs) and Jakks figures- $1 each for the tiny ones, $2 each for the larger ones

Tomy figures (I'm not sure if the Seadra or Bulbasaur is legit)- $3 each except for Greninja which is $5

Zoroark card sleeves- $8
Zoroark figures- $1 each
Zorua keychain- $3

Hats!- $5 each

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