thegreatgengar (thegreatgengar) wrote in pkmncollectors,

help with authentications please!

hey i brought a nidorino which cost me a lot of money and now im scared its a has a middle seam through its head but not as deep and doesnt carry through its spine.also there is no middle seam through its belly and seam appears on the sides of the belly. it feels rubbery like an tomy figures however but still cant tell. the tomy print is not as deep as a tomy but i have seen several reviews where its not that deep to begin with. maybe its a version 2? the toes are also coloured underneath too. the picture doesnt do justice as i took with a camera phone. looks much more detailedand sharper in person.

i have taken pictures in different lighting. in yellow lighting its very pink like the original first gen:

the second sets are in white light which comes off as a purple colour like the V2 version(version 2 nidorino):

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