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4th anniversary post! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Heya, all. As of August, I've been a member of this group for four years! This calls for an anniversary/re-intro post. (... Just like last year, this post is way late. At least I'm consistent, right?! /sobs)

There are a ton of pictures under the cut, brace yourself.

A quick bit about me—my name is Sam. I live in the United States right here in dusty, dry ol' Oklahoma. I've loved Pokemon since I was a kid, particularly the collecting aspect! Whether we're talking virtual monsters or physical merchandise, it's all good with me. ouob

SO what Pokemon do I collect? Let's see...

My main collection is Aerodactyl. This collection is pretty much on the back burner now that I've gotten all the unique figures. I'm still missing various mini-models and metal figures, but I don't foresee myself getting all of those anytime soon LOL.

Meet the custom flock! With Aerodactyl's only official plush being from Burger King, I have these fine beasts to keep me company. I've only gotten one new addition the past year (the big one on the far right made by flag), but I'm definitely happy with what I've got.

Dactyls aren't the only custom plush I have, though. Here are the "outlanders!"

Ta-daaa~ this gives a pretty good representation of what Pokemon I collect, along with a few non-Pokemon plush who didn't want to be left out. I forgot to include this Tyrantrum and this Scyther.

Moving on to other main collections...

Probably my biggest collection in terms of size, Charizard. With the sheer amount of stuff he has, I try to stay away from the more lackluster figures. I'm still missing a bunch of things, but maaaan some of his merch is tough to find. Or expensive. Usually both OTL

And here's the Charizard plush department. I'm happy that Charizard gets new plush on a decently regular basis. Kinda fills up the plush void some of my other collections have, ya know? bahahaaa

Now, my metallic monster army: Metagross! (Not pictured is this shiny Mega-Metagross plush.) Other than the occasional Mega-Metagross item, this collection has been pretty quiet lately. That's a good thing for my wallet heh.

I think a nice, proportionate non-mega plush would be good right about now...! Until then, though, I'm still over the moon about that needlefelt Metagross plush from Japan.

I'd hoped that ORAS would bring new merch for Armaldo and Anorith, but that was definitely wishful thinking lmao. This is one of my few collections that I consider complete—that is, I believe (I hope!) I own all available figures. :v

This past year, I finally nabbed a big Salamence want—that annoyingly elusive Pokedoll! It's been a great year.

Make that a great final year—I've decided to stop collecting Salamence. Although I still love Salamence itself, it's just stressful to collect and I have several negative associations with it. ┐(‘~`;)┌

I can rest easy knowing I at least got the Pokedoll after a rigorous journey, though. Thank you SO much to everyone who supported me along this ride~ y'all are fabulous!

Lovely blue gators over here. (Not pictured is this canvas plush.) I haven't been giving the Totodile line much attention recently BUT I hope to change that soon! Playing as Totodile in Super Mystery Dungeon rekindled my love for these guys. They really do have a good variety of stuff available~

Aaand now for some delicious side collection goodness. :U These are pretty much Pokemon that I don't actively collect, but I still love 'em to bits yeah?

These goofy fossil birds don't have much merch, but here they are in their full glory. You can see the plush on this page. I consider this collection complete, too, though it's not like there was much to begin with xD

My favorite spoopy flower dragons! |D I don't think the Hydreigon line has gotten any new merch in a long time, but that's okay! I'm really pleased with how much merch they got back in their days.

It's been WAY long since I've gotten any new Scyther items. Mostly laziness on my part, hahaaa TwT I still love these mantids a lot, though.

Humble Tyranitar family over here. I'd totally make this into a main collection if Tyranitar merch weren't so hard to find LOL.

You ever buy a couple figures, thinking, "Hey this is cool" and end up with an accidental collection? That's exactly how this small Rayquaza collection happened. Rayray just has such neat merch, I can't help myself ;o;7

These don't focus on a specific Pokemon, but I love collecting TCG accessories and other flats with this kind of artwork. I wish they were easier to find, guhhh. (If you have any you don't mind parting with, give me a holler~)

That's about it! Thank you so very much for reading if you got this far, haha. You're all awesome *^*/ Have some random pictures to finish this post off~


If you're interested in closeups of anything, you can click that banner/link to visit my collection site. You can also see my ☆wants list☆ over there. Thanks, everyone! Here's to another year collecting with you lovely folks. <3

Alsooo I'd really like to get this Latios plush, if anyone here is selling it? I can get it from eBay, but I wanted to check here first. (Question for those who own it, is it minky or velboa? I can't tell!) Minky, ahhh

Tags: aerodactyl, archeops, armaldo, charizard, feraligatr, metagross, salamence, scyther, totodile, wants
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