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✿ Website Update, Gets, Sales, & Wishes!! ✿

grail.jpg Hello Everyone!! IMG_9103.JPG

I hope everyone is doing well today!! I'm very happy today to show you some new things that came in this week!

First of all, i updated my website last weekend after a lot of fussing with weebly moving things around as usual... and now it decides that when i try to delete a photo or a text box or something it adds a random spacer. SO i ended up with like 20 spacers because when i tried to delete the spacers it added it just put more spacers!! TnT Anyways, i somehow finally managed to get rid of them all. You can see my site by clicking the little banner at the bottom of this post! I updated the collection shelfies too!! C:

Now, onto the very exciting new items! *u*

So first you can pretty much see from that photo that i got 2 new bootie figures, and finally found that clearfile ive been looking for! Yay! But here is what is most important...

I am MOST excited about these cuties!! These are zigzagoon and linoone custom bell plush!! Made to look just like those tiny, old, and expensive little Banpresto bell plushes! They were made by our flag!! I messaged them months ago asking about a possible commission for them because i really loved how aarux's came out! I patiently waited for them to open commissions and here we are today with the cutest bells that ever existed!! <333
On top of that let's take a look at what else they included in the package...

SHINY PATCHES <333 Look how bright and vibrant! I love them!! :D Thank you so so much again Flag!! TuT

I also got some new posters which i will be updating my site with a little later on today!
So keep an eye out!!

Next, SALES TIME!! I had a couple extra days off last week for Halloween and my paycheck today was really small. ;n; (I also paid for something VERY exciting but that is a big secret until it arrives ;D )
So anyways, please check my sales out!! I'm definitely willing to haggle a bit if you're buying more than one item! C:
Click here or the banner to go~!

And now just some things i am still looking for!! Please let me know if you have any of these items!! >w<
korean cards.jpg need.jpg need.jpg stickers!!!.jpg

~ Thank you all for looking! <3
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