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end of october/early november gets!

I, uh, TOTALLY blanked on doing my end-of-month get post, buuuuut I did get some really cute things in the time since November staerted so? Can't say I mind!

Here are the new additions:


First off, from placetohide, is this cute mini towel with Eevee on it!

I've seen a few different kinds of merch with this Eevee on it, and I'm hoping to find more! (Especially the pen...!)

Next are some Pokemikke plates from gaarasyami.

ninetails and I hung out over the weekend, and while we were at Mitsuwa I snagged this cute Pokemon-themed ramune (with Dedenne on it so that I could...sort of justify buying it, l o l.)

Next up! I did an trade with kidgengar, some art of mine in exchange for this CUTE Halloween Pikachu bag!

It came with the popcorn still inside, which was prompty devoured while watching Game Grumps last night.

Here's what the bag looks like flattened:

Last but not least...! This is my first time actually managing to get something that was on my wants list, and let me tell you how much I love it??

The Pokemon Life: Enjoy Eating Pikachu plush!! I've wanted this little guy ever since I saw him; you all know how much I love merch with Pokepuffs on it, and this plush in particular is so soft and cuddly and nice to hug :,^) Definitely my current favorite plush in my collection. Thanks so much to poke_zula for letting me give him a home!

I'm not sure what to name him yet??

But Eevee seems happy with their dinner date!

That cup MIGHT be a little small for you, pal...

Because I ended up liking the Enjoy Eating merch so much, I actually decided to go ahead and collect a few more things from it!

I've added them to my wants list, so go ahead and click the fancy little banner below to be transported!


Other than that, a general reminder that I still have plenty of merch and spots open for art trades, which you can see by clicking the other fancy banner below!
That's all for now! Thanks for reading! <3
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