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Questions about some plush

It's been so long since I posted to the community, mainly school and life have been super busy so if I disappeared for a bit that's why! I still check the community every once in awhile to see what everyone is up to.

I have been wondering about a few plush though, and what their prices would be because I've seen price ranges all over for a few things and maybe I can have some things cleared up.

So, my first question is how much nowadays does a Vileplume bell plush usually go for? I've seen anywhere from $20-90
(disclaimer: I don't own these pictures, got them from google so if they belong to someone I can take them down if I needed permission)

and my other question is how much does a Dittochu reverse pokeball plush go for? I saw one on ebay for $100 but that's a little too much for me :/

I try to buy a lot of things from the community because I feel better about buying here versus ebay or other sites. I also would rather give items from here a good home :)

Also I've notice I've been more interested in collecting pokemon other than my main collection of just Mudkips and Turtwigs, so for me that's surprising but also exciting :)

Thanks in advance for any help/info :)

Tags: ditto, pikachu, plush, vileplume
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