Lindsay (linameerun) wrote in pkmncollectors,

One of the coolest gets ever! (and some grails, who helps me?)

Hello and good evening everyone! (Its nighttime here in Holland)

Have you all had a nice Halloween? Here in The Netherlands we don't celebrate it as much as they do in The States. We have parties here, but parties with all scary people, and that's nothing for me xD I am already affraid of spiders! But I would love cosplay something and ring the doors for trick or treat haha!! (Or is that childish? :P) I would love to go as May, from Pokemon!! :D
So, I asked Colourbee's Costum Toys and Arts, if she could make me a drawing of me (manga style) with Zigzagoon!
I already had a costum order at her before, so I knew her work was awesome! Here is my work before (some months ago):

But now, she made me as Pokemon Trainer, with my precious Zigzagoon :D I won't let you wait any longer, here are the results:

Hope you all like it :3 I think I have never showed a picture of myself here, right? Well, let me just put one here so you all can compare xD I can assure you Im just like this!

Another thing I asked Colourbee's, is a little glass bottle with a tiny Zigzagoon egg in it! That's not finished yet, so I don't have pictures. But when I do, I promise to show you!

Okay, last but not least, I have a hugh Zigzagoon want list! But I know it's a bit too long for you all to scroll everything, so I made a little Grails list :3 Hope you can help me out, because I am really looking for these items :(

Oh and hereby my total Zigzagoon want list, for the ones who really feel like they have other Zigzagoon stuff to show :3

Thanks for watching, and I hope you all have a nice weekend! (Yes I am a bit early I know :3)


Tags: gets, pokemon, wants, zigzagoon
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