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Christmas is here "Very early version"

Hey everyone,

Got my package from Pokevault today. I'm soo excited to share what I got this time. As always it's image heavy. X3

If there's any photos you want to see up close, please let me know. ^^


All of these items are from Pokevault, ordered them on Sunday and got here today. (LOVE EMS shipping) X33

Now for some close-ups ^^

Here we have the regular size Snowchus
Female (left) and Male (right)
The tags this year is all shimmery, and very pretty. Just the artwork alone is amazing to look at. ^^

Next Up the Christmas Wreath Pikachu
This one looked fuzzy at first, but actually it's VERY SOFT all the way around. Even the small Pikachu is made out of minky fabric. Very detailed, and it would look great to hang it on the door for the upcoming season. ^^

Pretty Tag Art ^-^

Next in line, the Christmas 2015 Pikachu and Eevee Plush *0*

Both of them are adorable, their capes is made of velvetty fabric, and the embroidery of the snowflakes is very pretty. Pikachu has a hollys, while eevee has a bell.
w/o the cape

with the cape (I think this version is cuter)

Here's eevee

Next up the cleafiles (They are both shimmery and glossy like)
 (I always adore the artwork the pokemon center merchandise does, and this year's was beautiful as ever)
I was very happy, cause they even showed my other favorites like Lati@s and even Amaura. ^^

Here's the Christmas one

Here's the Aurora one ^^

Also the flat pouch that was released with this same Aurora artwork ^^
Made of silky material, the inside is just plain dark blue, but this is also shimmery like the clearfile. If you like pretty glittery stuff with these characters I would recommend it for sure. Also the zipper has a small crystal like ball on it.

Now the Christmas Tin (They have chocolate crunch cookies/chocolate) in them

Christmas Pin

Now here's all my kuttaris (The complete set) X333

Last but not least plushies that was a surprise (and of course wasn't expecting them..but two of them were my favorites that I had to) XD

Pokemon Center Dragonair and Mew (aww..they want to give them some kisses) X3

First off is Mew (I haven't seen a Mew plush in years, sure was happy to see an old favorite come back)
She doesn't stand up on her own, but if you balance her tail. Somehow she can manage. ^^

Now Dragonair (personal favorite)

This one is just fun to play around with, she stretches and keeps in shape. Why? Cause there's a wire in it, and you can make her do different poses and will stay like that. Like the Takaratomy Reshiram and Zekrom plush. I wish they did the same way for the old Serperior plush TT-TT

Size comparison with a kuttari glaceon, as you can she is loooooong ^v^

Well that's everyone ^^

Thanks again for looking, I hope the next update will be when I get a commission plush all finished. Can't wait to see the final result. ^^
Tags: dragonair, eevee, glaceon, leafeon, mew, pikachu, sylveon
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