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Some Summer/Fall Gets

Finally got everything together for a gets post. I've gotten in quite a few things in the past few months and have managed to make a very very small dent in my wishlist. I planned to post this in July but that didn't work out. xD

Lots of pictures below the cut! Images have been scaled down so that the largest side is 800pixels. And this time you get a preview (I forgot to add one in my last post, oops!).

On the left TCG booklet from the DPt TCG box. For this one I used a personal middleman so I could separate the book from everything else to save on shipping. Xmas 2010 Journal is on the right. So close to completing that promotion!
TCG BookXmas 2012 Journal

Fun Fact! This journal is one of the few where Riolu appears on the inside!
Xmas 2012 Journal Inside

Tohoku Grand Opening tin, clearfile, postcard, memo pad (from poliwhirl), and shopper (coincidentally the last shopper I needed for Riolu). I had been debating whether or not I really wanted to pursue this promotion but I decided to to go for it. There's not too many items to get and they show up rather frequently.
20150904_114419Tohoku Clearfile
Tohoku Postcard20150904_121152

A couple of community gets. The DoReMi card came from hawlucha, the postcard came from kidgengar, and the two pogs I got from a trade with slothyshroom. All are extremely awesome. :3
DoReMi CardPostcardPogs

A Riolu pencil cap. I'm so SO happy I got this (MIP at that!). I know there's a ton of pencil cap sets out there and they are a PAIN to find. Recently got a Lucario themed one I'm pretty excited for. ^^
Pencil CapPencil Cap CU

Yellow blanket from the Sleeping Onemuri Piplup. I already have the blue one that came with Pikachu (I also still have the Pikachu). I felt bad robbing the poor Piplup of his blanket. He even has his tag. x( I'll keep him around for now. Or if anyone wants to take him off my hands he'll be $3 + shipping.
Onemuri Piplup 1Onemuri Piplup 2Blanket CU

Riolu vs. Croagunk VS card from tdotakichan. And here I thought I had all of them. In my defense I had never seen this card before it popped up in their sales post. Not even a picture. I had been using nmtr37's SUPER helpful collection site to track how many cards Riolu had but didn't even consider one of the cards they were missing might have featured him. With that I'm pretty sure I have them all now.
VS CardVS Card Back

Riolu Rumble World Scrap Card and Tokyo Staff Riolu card.
Scrap Card No CodeTokyo Staff Card

Stickers galore! These two are from the Pokemon Center. Not sure what happened to the Pokedoll one. It didn't have that residue in the sale picture so I guess it happened during shipping.
Pokedoll StickersSparkly Stickers

Even more stickers! It took a while but I've managed to get the AR sticker and the special force palm one! The AR sticker even came with the original packaging. Huge thanks to stalkingsuicune for selling me these two Amandas.
AR Sticker PackAR Sticker
Amanda StickerAttack Amanda Sticker

Wait, what? What's so special about that particular sticker you say? Take a look.
Attack Amanda Comparison

Wrapping up the stickers are these miscellaneous ones that I got from hebilea.
Misc. Stickers 1Misc. Stickers 2

Christmas 2006 plate. After missing the clearfile twice this was a much needed victory in regards to this promotion.
Xmas Plate BoxXmas PlateXmas Plate CU

Can badge itself was simple enough to find but that backing, ARG! It didn't take too long to get but still. I've seen the backing for Lucario but I haven't seen the badge yet. Speaking of Lucario I also don't know if he has one of these mini card things.
Can BadgeMini Card

I got a box within a box! Boxception! Let's open it!
DP Plate Set

A plate set! What a unique find! They're a pretty good size too. That doesn't matter though since I'll never use them. x) There's another similar set that just has four bigger plates in the same style (and one of the plates is green!).
DP PlatesDP Plate 1D2 Plate 2

Cup pouch and a Pokedoll handkerchief. Felt nice to knock these off my wishlist. x3
Cup Pouch20150904_115112

Couple of Pokemon Center items. Adventure Container (right picture) just brings more questions. It's the third item I've gotten (and seen) with that Riolu artwork. Wonder what else there is.
FanAdventure Container Opened

Karuta Cards! These buggers are the reason I bought so many sets. @_@ Two of them are from the Best Wishes set and one is from the XY set. This leaves me with just the potential Diamond and Pearl sets. If anybody knows if/which DP sets contain Riolu cards please let me know! Otherwise I'll end up having to buy them all. @_@

The Pokemon Amie is featured on a lot of stuff! I found out that there were two versions of the Pokemon Amie postcard. It was given out in both Japan and the US however I didn't realize they were different! The Japan version has a pink gradient while the US one is plain white. The US version is also bigger. Weird. Secondly, I found a poster that features the artwork as well. According to the seller they were promotional posters given out with XY in certain computer game stores for a limited time. It's a double sided poster with Pokemon Amie on one side and Gogoat riding on the other. I'm going to get a second one to open eventually. Other finds include an advertisement poster and a small XY brochure.
20150904_121324Amie Advertisement
20150904_124237XY Booklet Page 2

The Pokemon Mystery Dungeon comic. It features a BUNCH of Riolu! And also a lot of Froakie, Archen, and Garchomp.
PMD ComicPMD Comic Back
PMD Comic Page 1PMD Comic Page 2

MINI GRAIL! ~ MINI GRAIL! ~ Does anybody recall this post? It was when I found out there was a second version of the Riolu Jakks I needed to get and well.......
Jakks PlushJakks Plush Tag
Here he is! This is the original 2008 version of him with the yellow tag. He's been such a tease with his $50 price mark on Amazon. I held off buying him knowing he would eventually show up cheaper. As luck would have it he appeared on eBay up for auction. After messaging the seller they agreed to do a BIN and I got him for $25. Much better than Amazon's price! I have finally finally managed to get every. single. Riolu plush MWT. Speaking of tags I had to buy a whole new thing of toploaders because I didn't have one for him. xP
Jakks Plush ComparisonJakks Plush Tag Comparison

Customs ahoy! Pictured here are the two wooden etched Riolu keychains I got from KakarikoShop. They came out perfect!

An amazingly awesome necklace from pkmnexcavation. Awesome card and the roses fit so perfectly. <3 If I wasn't so paranoid I would so wear this with my shirts that feature sparkly red roses.

A custom dog tag by SilverSlinger. Front features Riolu and back features Lucario (evolved from the same Riolu!). The artwork is from the manga. The pictures of the actual dogtag belong to SilverSlinger. I couldn't get a decent picture of them myself because they're so reflective.
Riolu DogtagLucario Dogtag

A shiny Riolu amigurumi plush that I got from UmeUmeiKnits. The colors are based off the official shiny Lucario figure which has a more navy/royal blue look to it. He's incredibly tiny which is ok since he fits into my display with no problems.
AmigurumiAmigurumi Back
Amigurumi SideAmigurumi Comparison

Next up is........this big box Fennekin is sleeping on top of.



Come out of the box and show the people how awesome you are!
Runt ComparisonRunt Profile
Runt SideRunt Toothless Hoodie
Life size Runt (an OC of mine)! Complete with removable hoodie. I no longer have my Heartland Lucario but even if I did he would no longer be the most expensive item in my collection. Runt now owns that title. He was made by magnastorm. I had gotten a few plush by her before but had to sell them due to needing space (Giant Night Fury) or loss of interest (Toony Lucario, Angel) so I've been waiting for the chance to commission a Riolu. I managed to get in on the most recent list and already knew who I wanted. I requested to be put on the waiting list because I needed to wait a few months to see if I could afford a lifesize plush (otherwise it would have been 12"). And if you're curious yes, the hoodie is actually part of his character. ^^ Unfortunately black fabric does not mix well with white dog fur so for the most part he wears his alternate accessory.
Runt Lucario HoodieRunt's Hoodies
Lucario vest! I had this added on as a last minute addition since he won't be able to wear his Toothless hoodie too often. Looking back I should have asked for this vest to have only one set of aura sensors but hindsight is 20-20. With the addition of this guy I don't really have room on the bed for anyone else. xD

Last for Riolu are some very exciting gets from riolulz. I got the rare gold metal Riolu figure! My fourth Riolu metal figure! I bought the other ones they had as well (oh gosh so many lol) and would be willing to trade one for the last one I need (gunmetal). The other awesome items in the package are the paper cutout, keychain figure, and pencil topper. Thanks so much for selling to me riolulz! I will treasure these items. <3

Pokemon Petite Tin. Wow, it's been a long time since I got a tin that didn't involve Riolu! I love when tins feature pokemon I collect since it gives me an excuse to buy cookies. x) Only this one was a bit different. It came with 3 individually wrapped cookies, 2 Pikachu suckers (super cute), and a small pack of....I don't even know what to call them. They're shaped like rotini and don't taste very good (to me).
Petite TinPetite Tin Side 1Petite Tin Side 2

Blue Wave! This was one of my higher doujinshi wants. Got a great deal on it considering it's fairly rare and somewhat highly desired.
Blue WaveBlue Wave Page

Some clearfiles that feature Lucario. Love the artwork for the blue one. ^^
Clearfile (W)Clearfile (B)PokeGroup Clearfile
PokeGroup Clearfile BackPokeGroup Clearfile Inside

Possibly my most exciting Lucario finds were these two retsudens. The red one is the special movie version. I hadn't even seen a picture of it until this one showed up (and to be honest I kind of forgot it existed).
RetsudensRetsudens Slant
Red and Blue look lovely together. Now I just need the green retsuden for completeness. Oh wait............

I got some awesome gets from skydramon! Here we have the pokedoll tin, what I believe is the last clear Lucario I need, the Lucario battle heroes handkerchief, and most importantly the Green retsuden! Also included in this package was a replacement zukan since I needed a new Lucario figure after mine broke.
20150913_205315Battle Heroes Handkerchief
Clear Lucario Kids

Oh look, I actually bought a Mega Lucario item. xD This Tumbler looks awesome! Slightly disappointed it's more of a glass cup than a tumbler but it's still pretty neat.
Tumbler BoxTumbler Wrapped
TumblerTumbler Side 1Tumbler Side 2
Tumbler InsideTumbler BottomTumbler Comparison

What's this? More Mega Lucario? Blasphemy! I've been trying to get my wishlist down for my side collections which led to me finally buying this!
Acrylic CharmAcrylic Charm CU

And last for Mega Lucario is the Mega Tokyo shopper. He's really tiny.

My Mega Mawile side collection experienced a pretty big expansion. Two Karuta cards, a playing card I got from a trade with princess_snivy, and two trettas.
Mega Mawile CardsTretta

That's not all though! I found the key charm and mega stone necklace for a decent price and was finally able to knock them off my wishlist. Good thing too because after seeing them in person I don't think they are worth the high price tag I saw some people charging. On the bright side this leaves me with needing just two Mega Mawile items!
Mawilite NecklaceKey Charm

The blue Manaphy medal. This one has been the most elusive. It's also one of the prettier ones. I might be biased though since my favorite color is blue. :3
Blue Manaphy Medal

I can finally show my full medal collection. ^^
Medal Group Shot
Medal Group Shot 1
Medal Group Shot 2
Medal Group Shot 3
Medal Group Shot 4
This does not include the medals for the Pikachu shorts or the Pokepark medals because I won't be trying for those. Nor does it include Hoopa because I took these pictures before the movie came out and did not want to set this up again. xD Just need that and the How To Train Your Dragon medal I'm still looking for. x)

And last up are bags! Lugia/Ho-Oh and Magnemite are from kayeechu1993. I used to have that Lugia/Ho-Oh bag (one of the first items I bought actually) but it got lost during a move. I had thought about starting a side collection of shoppers but seeing as how just finding the ones pertaining to the Riolu line have proven difficult enough I decided against it (even though I still have pictures of bags saved on my laptop). Now I just pick them up as I go. The Scyther one is my favorite out of this group. ^^
I do have a couple others such as the Scraggy line and the Solosis line but I'm not sure if I want to keep those just yet.
Lugia ShopperHo-Oh Shopper20150823_17203620150904_12184620150823_171935Magnemite ShopperScyther ShopperScizor Shopper
Eevee ShopperEeveelutions Shopper20150904_121729
Esp & Um BagLampentChandelure
CharizardCroguank WBVictini

This one gets its own special section. Finding this was a huge surprise because I thought the shopper with the green/blue theme was the only one. Turns out it's actually the smaller one. The one with the autumn theme is the normal sized shopper.

And now for a reveal. I've been debating starting a collection of this guy for a minute and well.......I decided to go ahead and add him! I don't have too much of him so I'm looking to buy some of his merchandise. Open the spoiler to reveal who it is. :3

[Mystery Pokemon + Sales & Grails]

Mega Sableye! I kinda fell in love with this little guy after using him on my team for a minute and since I'm already collecting Mega Mawile I figured it would be neat to have them as opposite collections. I'm looking to buy some of his stuff. Not really too interested in cameo merch at the moment.

Regular sales are up to date and prices have been slashed. I have added a clearfile and the empty snack packs. I still have many Karuta cards left as well. This will be the last chance to get anything from my sales individually. After about a week I'll close both posts and start listing lots on eBay.
Important!: My main sales post no longer includes shipping in the prices!
Sales BannerKaruta Card Banner

Looking for this Pokemon Center bag with Riolu! Also looking for the gunmetal Riolu metal figure and this Mega Lucario shirt. I will pay well for them!
PokeCen Bag Front
As always if you have anything on my wishlist or something I don't have give me a shout. Or if you want to affiliate let me know.
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